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Title 1A Reading

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 Cynthia Larkin

8:00-12:00 M-F
Tumalo Community School
541.382.2853  x 4644
My name is Cynthia Larkin and I am in my third year as Tumalo Community School’s Title 1A Reading Specialst.  I absolutely LOVE my job reading with the Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students at Tumalo!

I will be working with you and your child’s teacher to figure out exactly what he / she needs to strengthen their reading skills. In Title 1 our goal is to help your child attain confidence in those skills as quickly as possible so he/she can successfully participate in his / her classroom.  I also try to instill a love of reading books so that every child understands the importance of reading as a lifelong skill.

Each day I will read with your child in a small group during Walk to Read time.  During this intensive teaching time I use research-based direct instruction materials including  Sound Partners, Road to the Code, Phonics for Reading, and My Sidewalks. Please be assured that your child will not miss any core instruction from their regular classroom teacher and core curriculum.

It is a top priority for me to work with you as a partner in your child’s learning. Throughout the year I will provide opportunities for you to learn about how you can help support your child with reading at home.

I am excited to be working as a member of the Tumalo Community to help every child be successful in reading !