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Ropes Course

Ropes Day

Outdoor and indoor high rope adventure challeges that meet the needs of our mind, body and spirit!

  • Students will have the opportunity to participate in a series of activities involving mental, physical, emotional challenges.
  • The course consists of an aethetically designed series of ropes, cables and logs combined in a way to stimulate challenges one may face in a natural setting.
  • This is in an effort to increase communication skills, group problem solving, accomplishments, self worth, elation and recognition from peers and instructors.



The mission of the program in general:

  • Developing responsible individuals, productive organizations and sustainable communities.
  • Provide students with the tools necessary to challenge themselves to grow by overcoming perceived limitations.
  • We offer a safe enviroment and a trained Adventure Programming instructor (Mrs. Hopper) to encourage this growth.
  • We meet the needs of a variety of age groups and organizations.  Currently 3rd through 8th grade is given the opportunity to participate at least three times a year.


This curriculum consists of activities and experiences designed to appropriately challenge students and groups in ways that accelerate learning.  Adventure methodology can be incorporated into an exisiting curriculum or used as the core of a new program.


I cater my instruction to what the goal is for the day:

  • Team Building
  • Personal Challenges
  • Adrenaline Rush!

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Contact:  Corrie Hopper for additional information.