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Principal’s Message

Principal Thoughts  – February 2018

Wow! What a difference a year makes. This time last year we were just starting to dig out of a crazy amount of snow along with trying to get back into a routine here at school.  This winter it feels like spring and many students are hoping for a little snow to play in!  
Tumalo Community School students worked  incredibly hard during the 1st  semester.  The growth that many of our students have shown academically, socially and behaviorally over the last 18 weeks has been amazing!  I have been in every classroom multiple times along with visiting many Walk to Read intervention groups over the past five months. I’m so excited to see the effort, hard work and perseverance our   students are showing.  Our staff has also been working hard during School Improvement Wednesdays as teams collaborate on ways to  improve instruction for their students. Our staff consistently delivers high-quality, engaging lessons that attempt to challenge and inspire our students but we are always looking for ways to grow and improve. It is my goal that we avoid complacency and strive for constant improvement!

I also want to share how much I appreciate all the parents and/or special adults who are able to join us for events that recognize and support our students. We’ve had many wonderful events this month at Tumalo Community School and one in particular that really stood out was our first ever, Dad’s and Dude’s breakfast which is designed to bring dads and male figures into school with their kids. We had an estimated 300 people show up for our first breakfast! Thanks Dads and Dudes!  We also hosted an assembly that recognized nearly 140 of our students iReady math growth along with our students who were recognized for demonstrating “responsibility” throughout the month here at Tumalo. I know these students love seeing all the adults who are able to come and support.

On behalf of the entire Tumalo staff, I want to thank our parents and the community for your continued support of Tumalo Community School as we continue to strive for excellence each and every day!

Justin Nicklous
Tumalo Community School Principal

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