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Principal’s Message

Principal Thoughts  – March 2017
This is an important time of year for instruction, as the holiday interruptions and snow (hopefully) are behind us.  As always, it’s important for students to give their very best in the classroom each day and complete any assigned work at home.  This helps ensure out students are practicing and understanding the concepts they are being taught at school  Routines are very important to develop and create for children. Creating a time and quiet space for students to complete homework is very important. Another way you can help at home is to check in nightly with your child regarding their homework packet or daily planner.
Conferences are on the way and will look a little different this year, as Redmond School district has tried to add back days to the calendar due to the snow, without going late into June.  Some teachers are beginning conferences after school during the week of March 13 – 16 and all day on March 17th.  Other teachers are beginning conferences on the 17th and continuing in the evening during the week of March 20 -24.  Please contact your child’s teacher or the front office to reserve a time and find out the exact days your child’s teacher is having conferences.  I really appreciate everyone’s flexibility as we try to meet our goal of completing 100% of our conferences with all of our families.  Spring conferences are a great time to sit down with your child’s teacher and discuss their academic, behavioral or social growth.  We believe in having an open line of communication with our families. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us if you have a question or ‘something doesn’t sound right.’
In addition, we plan on having a short parent survey that we would like all families to fill out before or after their conference.  Our purpose is to gain feedback from our families on how we can continue to grow and improve as a school.

We are very proud that Tumalo Community School has had one of the top two attendance rates in Redmond School District over  the past five years!  I believe this is due to the culture and climate, our staff, students, aprents and community members create at Tumalo Community School.  Superintendent McIntosh recently shared some powerful inforamtion regarding attendance.  Our data shows that if students come to school regularly, they graduate at a 95% rate vs a 56% rate when compared to those who are chronically absent ( attending less than 90%).

This data clearly shows the importance of students being at school – that said… we know students get sick or family emergencies happen.  We ask you to keep your child home if they have a fever or have thrown up in the last 24 hours.

Thank you for all of your support in helping Tumalo Community School continue our strong attendance rates !


Justin Nicklous
Tumalo Community School Principal

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