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Germak – Photo Gallery 2016

 Mrs. Germak’s

Classroom Photo Gallery of Fun Events 

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OMSI Planetarium Project 
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Volcano Fun 
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Winter Wonderland Spirit Week – December 2016
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  Quilting – December 2016
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Rotary Club Dictionary Gift – December 2016
Grand Parent and Great Friend Day – November 2016
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Pumpkin Fun – October 2016
  splot-6  splot-7
splot-3 splot-2
splot-1 splot-5
 splot-4  splot-8
Artwork – October 2016
art-3 art-1
 art-4  art-2
 art-5  art-6
  Artist Work – October 2016
 dream-1  dream-3
 flower-1  flower-3
    SUPER Jogathon – October 2016
jog-1 jog-2
jog-7 jog-3
jog-6 jog-5
jog-4 jog-8
High Desert Museum Field Trip
hdm-1 hdm-2
hdm-3 hdm-4
Pablo Picasso Artwork
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