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Slime Time

Mr. Nicklous getting slimed

 Mr. Nicklous got Slimed at our Assembly … Thank You to everyone who pledged money for our Jogathon!

Pumpkin Fun

mrs. germak pumpkin fun

Mrs. Germak’s 3rd graders having some pumpkin fun !

Super Hero Jogathon

superman jogathon photo

 Our Jogathon was SUPER !!!

Tumalo Pirates …

tumalo teachers dressed as pirates

 It’s A Great Day Tah Be A Tumalo Pirate !!! We Have A Fine Crew Tah Be Sure …

Tumalo teachers receive Pay It Forward award for kindness

pay it forward winners mrs. estvold and mrs. black

Teachers Katie Estvold and Kirsten Black receive the $500 Pay It Forward award for their creative Kindness Project. Watch the fully KTVZ story here: Tumalo teachers receive Pay It Forward award for kindness.    

Tumalo Ropes Course

mrs. hopper ropes course

 Bend Lifestyle Magazine just published a great article and included some great photos – Tumalo is a great place to be!   Here is a link to the article

Yo Ho … Yo Ho… a Pirates Life fer me

pirate day at tumalo 2016

Happy Pirate Day from Tumalo School ! 

Tumalo Ropes Course ….

tumalo ropes course

 We Love our Ropes Course … And Mrs. Hopper !!

Patience Young Jedi …

tumalo star wars day

Great Star Wars Assembly for Patience … Since Young Jedi’s need patience when learning the force … our award winners got to meet the big guy himself …and be awarded their very own light saber.  

Ridgeview Ravens @ Tumalo

tumalo ravens

The Ridgeview Raven and some Varsity Football players came to our assembly today to help award our Responsibility Award Winners !   GO RAVENS !!