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Meet Mrs. Carpenter

I was born in Washington, but have lived in Redmond most of my life. 
I have taught at the high school and middle school for a total of eighteen years and I worked for RSD as an instructional coach for two years.  I attended Oregon State University twice.  The first time, I received a bachelor of arts degree with high honors in political science.  The second time, I returned to obtain a teaching certificate and a degree in social science education.  I am certified to teach both language arts and social studies.
I am married to a patient and hillarious man, Jim.  Together, we have three beautiful children and four grandchildren, whom I adore.  They are a bright and fascinating part of my life.  I am also Auntie to eleven nieces and nephews.  I am a Great-aunt to eleven little ones.  The youngest amaze me with their ability to explore and analyze our world…. 
I love to read and because of my love of books, I have written a novel.  It has taken me seven years to finish it and I will try my hand at publishing it soon.
You might be wondering about the picture on this page.  Yes, I am with President and Mrs. George W. Bush in the Oval Office of the White House.  I was Oregon Teacher of the Year in 2003…..  It was a wonderful year! 
I work hard at teaching and coaching other teachers, but primarily, I am still a learner.  We learn, by trial and error.  I try to remember that about my students.  
The older I get, the more I appreciate Central Oregon.  I never tire of looking at our mountains.  We live in a wonderful place and I am lucky to work with dedicated people who want to be sure that students in Redmond receive the highest quality education possible.